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Janet Roberts

Janet Roberts

Janet Roberts is an abstract painter who uses environmentally sustainable materials and works in an off-grid studio in Central California. Janet has been influenced since her early childhood days by the forms and colors of the pastoral farm-scapes and rich lake-scapes of her home state of Michigan. However, the impact of her mother’s illness and eventual death with cancer would prove to be her most enormous emotional influence. She studied art history and participated in summer fine art classes at The Cranbrook Institute of Arts as a child. She did volunteer work as a docent at the Detroit Institute of Art while a young student. She was assistant to the 19th Century American Curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art while attending college in Los Angeles. Janet did undergrad work in American Art History at the University of Southern California. She is considered an expert and performs as an appraiser of 19th and 20th Century American painting and sculpture.

After a long and prosperous career art consulting in California, Janet was faced with cancer. Three surgeries and two treatments later, she decided to follow her early dreams of becoming an abstract painter.

Primarily self-taught, what Janet lacked in formal training, she made up in hard work and perseverance. Several years, four daughters, and many paintings later, Janet’s work can be seen in many important contemporary collections. Her clients include writers, designers, composers, painters, artists, actors, and sports figures. You can see her work in hospitals, hotel lobbies, on television shows and movie sets, corporate hallways, and wonderful, unique residential homes.